2019 Map Upgrade – Pioneer AVIC-F900BT / F90BT / F700BT / F70BT

Upgrade your Pioneer navigation to the latest HERE map data containing millions of POIs and millions of miles of road across both the US. Canada can be added for additional cost. Please contact us if Canada or Mexico is needed/desired.

IMPORTANT: These maps DO NOT INCLUDE CANADA. If you need Canada please reach out to us via the contact page.
You are purchasing A SOFTWARE UPDATE & MAP UPGRADE FOR THE AVIC-F90BT, AVIC-F900BT, AVIC-F700BT, and AVIC-F7010BT that will upgrade your unit to the NEWEST United States USA 2019 HERE MAPS, POI UPGRADES and more. This update will also update your unit to the newest software version.

This software will also fix “Bricked” Pioneer Units with the following issues – continual rebooting, start up screen freeze/stuck, random system freezes, OR you just want 2019 maps and the newest software. This WILL NOT fix a hdd error such as a bad sector, or a unit that does not power on at all.

This software comes on an OEM MicroSD card (comes w/ adapter for SD) that you will need to insert into the unit. YOU DO NOT need to remove the unit from the vehicle to upgrade.

Model year 2019 HERE MAPS and POI upgrade featuring more than 14 million POI updates including Alaska, Hawaii. CANADA, IS NOT INCLUDED. If you need Canada or Mexico please reach out for costs and more info. THESE ARE 2019 maps which are THE NEWEST AVAILABLE. If this is an issue please contact me.

This comes complete with step by step upgrade instructions and takes approx 35-40 minutes. The upgrade SD is mailed, but the instructions will be sent to your paypal email in PDF format to save paper/trees. This is item is in OEM packaging.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out.


*NOTE* If you are in canada you will be required to pay an additional $9.03 for shipping.