Password Removal

Lose power on your unit? Forgot to write down your password? We can help remove the password from most Pioneer units. From NEX to F Series we do it all.

Map/Navi Updates

Old maps? Is your street or business not on your old Pioneer ? We have the newest maps for every AVIC unit. Don't get stuck with old, unsupported maps.

Software Repair

Does your AVIC unit free or have issues? Bluetooth not running or pairing with any phones? We can help. We have the software fixed and updates for many units.

Missing Something?

Welcome to AVIC Fix - your source for everything AVIC. From password unlock removal, to the newest map updates on the market; we've got it all. Can't find your model, product, or service? Have a question? Head over to our Contact page and drop us a line. We will do our best to answer the question or find what you are looking for.